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Best Electric Motor Repair Shop in New Delhi

At Servo Voltage Stabilizer, you'll find an electric motor repair shop that promotes and maintains high standards of service and expertise within the industry. Our workshop, based in New Delhi, is equipped for rewinding motors and repairing pumps. No matter the problem, it's very likely that we've seen it before, and can probably fix it in an expedient manner. If we can't do it in-house, we'll likely know who can. Get in touch with us on +919899245884 for any advice and information you may need on your electric motor.

Why Our Repair Shop?

We have many years of quality experience in the repair and rewind of electric motors. Our rewind and breakdown service is for all types of electric motor and includes fan motors, brake motors and more. We are dedicated, zealous about what we do and believe in offering a warm and friendly service that delivers for the customer each and every time.

Why Choose Our Repair Shop?

No matter the size of the engine or the scope of the repairs, our years of experience repairing and rewinding motors and pumps ensure that we can handle nearly any engine situation you can think of. – let us add you to the list of satisfied customers. We’re not all talk like the rest, come and see for yourself and watch the best at work.

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